Hybrid organic/inorganic nanomaterial for controlled cephalosporins release.


Dan Eduard Mihaiescu, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Diana Elena Mogosanu, Vanessa Traistaru, Paul Catalin Balaure, Alice Buteica: Hybrid organic/inorganic nanomaterial for controlled cephalosporins releaseBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 1(2):41, 2011. 


The dynamics of cephalosporins controlled release from a new hybrid inorganic/organic nanomaterial was investigated. Magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles were synthesized using the sol-gel method, while a hybrid nanostructured Fe3O4/oleic acid – core/shell – material was prepared under microwave conditions and further characterized by High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy. The dimensions of Fe3O4/oleic acid nanoparticles were in the 5-20 nm range. After drying at 105 oC for 24 hours, the hybrid nanomaterial was dispersed in CHCl3 and then various cephalosporins were deposited on the magnetic nanofluid in a concentration of 0,3%. The controlled release properties of the nanostructured core/shell material were studied by means of conductometric and UV-VIS techniques. In all cases, at large time values (more than 4000 seconds), the cephalosporin concentration was much below the solubility plateau for the pure active compound, demonstrating that the adsorption on a hybrid nanostructurated material is a valuable procedure to attain controlled delivery of these compounds in the dispersion medium.