Fe3O4@C18-carvone to prevent Candida tropicalis biofilm development.


Alina Maria Holban, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu*, Anton Ficai, Carmen Mariana Chifiriuc, Veronica Lazar, Radu Radulescu: Fe3O4@C18-carvone  to prevent Candida tropicalis biofilm development. Romanian Journal of Materials, 43, 300-305, 2013.


During recent years there is an increased interest in magnetite nanoparticles for their wide use in biomedical applications, as prevention of microbial colonization and targeted drug delivery systems. They could stabilize the volatile active components of the essential oils improving their antimicrobial activity. Here we report a newly prepared nano-bio-active coated surface for improved antimicrobial activity of classical wound dressings. Our results demonstrate that the reported nano-modified wound care textiles exhibit a great anti-fungal biofilm activity. These properties recommend the recently fabricated nano-bio-active coatings for the design of new antimicrobial medical surfaces.