Colloidal silica use as dyes removing system.


 Mihail Scurtu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Cornelia Guran, Maria Sonmez, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Liv Pall, Anton Ficai, Denisa Ficai: Colloidal silica use as dyes removing system. Revista de Chimie, 63(10):1013-1015, 2012.


This work was focused on the UV-Vis spectroscopic study of removal of 5 dyes from aqueous solution. The removal of the five dyes is strongly influenced by chemical structure and electrical charge. Best degree of removal was obtained for methylviolet (90.2%) and aniline red (82.8%) while the removal of the other dyes does not exceed 35% (light green – ~35%, indigocarmin 25.5% and tartrazine ~10%). The absorption profile is very similar for all dyes, the first 5h being the most important because after that the degree of removal is maintained relatively constant.