Biocellulose nanowhiskers cement composites for endodontic use.


Sorin Ion Jinga, Georgeta Voicu, Anicuta Stoica-Guzun, Marta Stroescu, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Coralia Bleotu: Biocellulose nanowhiskers cement composites for endodontic use, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, 9, 543, 2014.


In this contribution we present the preparation and characterization of biocellulose nanowhiskers–MTA (mineral trioxide aggregates) cement composites for endodontic applications. Nanocrystalline biocellulose fibers were obtain by special procedure starting from bacterial cellulose grown and selected in special conditions. The prepared biocellulose nanowhiskers and commercial MTA cement were used for preparation of some composite: MTA-E (mineral trioxide aggregates-experimental), MTA-10% biocell and MTA-33% biocell cements. Considering one day hardened composites and taking into account XRD patterns and the thermal analysis data, we have concluded that the presence of biocellulose accelerates the hardening processes of MTA cement, decreasing in the same time the quantity of calcium hydroxide crystals. SEM images reveal, for the first time in the literature, crystalline hydrosilicates of high density grown around biocellulose nanowhiskers.The composite biocompatibility was good and was demonstrated by a test with HEp cells in ratio1 mg/ml MTA+33%biocel for 24h. Cells morphology and viability were identically with the ones of the untreated control. Investigations on composites morphology, weight losses, mineralogical composition and structure were performed by SEM, DTA, XRD and TEM respectively.