• Affiliation

    Department of Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Saviuc et al., 2011

    Hybrid Nanosystem for Stabilizing Essential Oils in Biomedical Applications. Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures,  6(4):1657-1666, 2011.
  • Chifiriuc et al., 2012

    Hybrid magnetite nanoparticles/Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil nanobiosystem with antibiofilm activity. Nanoscale Research Letters, 7:209, 2012.
  • Saviuc et al., 2012

    Biocompatible magnetic MWCNTs based on phytocomponents from Eugenia carryophyllata.Revista de Chimie (Bucharest), 63(5), 2012.
  • Anghel et al., 2012

    In vitro evaluation of anti-pathogenic surface coating nanofluid, obtained by combining Fe3O4/C12 nanostructures and 2-((4-ethylphenoxy) methyl)-N-(substituted-phenylcarbamothioyl)-benzamides. Nanoscale Research Letters, 7:513, 2012.
  • Lin et al., 2013

    Alignment of strechable nanoparticle chains with tunable optical properties formed from molecular machinery. Current Organic Chemistry, 17(2):144-148, 2013.
  • Voicu et al., 2013

    Caprolactam-silica network, a strong potentiator of the antimicrobial activity of kanamycin against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial strains. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 446:63–69, 2013.
  • Grumezescu et al., 2013

    Biocompatible magnetic hollow silica microspheres for drug delivery. Current Organic Chemistry, 17(10):1029-1033, 2013.
  • Huang et al., 2013

    Synthesis and characterization of oil-chitosan composite spheres. Molecules, 18:5749-5760, 2013.
  • Grumezescu et al., 2013

    In vitro activity of the new water dispersible Fe3O4@usnic acid nanostructure against planktonic and sessile bacterial cells. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 15:1766, 2013.
  • Anghel et al., 2013

    Efficient surface functionalization of wound dressings by a phytoactive nanocoating refractory to Candida albicans biofilm development. Biointerphases, 8:12, 2013.

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